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Power up with App's to increase sales, flexibility and customer satisfaction. Available as add-ons to any plan. (If not already included) *Add any app directly from your admin panel

Mobile Storefront

  • Automatically detects mobile platform
  • Allows customisation
  • Works on Iphone and Android OS
What You Get

Now your customers can browse and purchase on the go using any mobile device.

This flexible app allows your store to convert to a format better viewed and more usable for mobile phones. Customers can easily browse and complete a purchase, as well as view your custom information pages. Upload your own logo and customise some appearances.

Support Ticketing

  • Decrease response time
  • Never lose customer emails
What You Get

The support ticketing system is a more professional way of handling customer support and sales. It's streamline, fast, any support agent can use the same interface and it has full tracking capability. The app will allow you to place a contact form with spam captcha to any custom page.

Tickets arrive to your admin panel to await your reply. You can add secret notes to each ticket to remind you of any pending issues and find any ticket through a comprehensive search tool. It's the perfect app to streamline your support and allow for growth.

Built in Blog

  • Build unique content
  • Update customers on company news & specials
What You Get

A blog is the most comprehensive tool for communicating with your customers about in depth company news, events, specials and more. The blog app provides a blog as an extension of the domain used to market your storefront. For example

The app includes all standard blog features such as latest posts, keywords cloud, search, RSS feeds and archives.

Facebook Social Store - IT'S FREE!

  • Purchase direct from a profile page
  • Huge product exposure
  • Market your own store app
What You Get

The Facebook Social Store integration is a free app included with all shopping carts in Ashop shopping cart software. It's the most powerful social store on the web offering full online store capability direct from any Facebook profile. You can market your app for any Facebook user to install and purchase from at any time, directly from their Facebook account.

It's a fun and viral way to market your store.

Ashop Commerce Live Support Package - IT'S FREE!

  • 24 hour online chat & email support
  • Fast help
  • Knowledgable & friendly agents
What You Get

Instant technical help for any aspect of the shopping cart software and selling online. 24 hour online chat and email support accessible direclty from your admin panel.

Affiliate App

  • Builds quality and related inbound links
  • Increase exposure
  • Set price marketing
What You Get

Build your online sales force with the affiliates app. When you sign up affiliates, provide them with image or text banners to place in their sites and market your products. Visitors are tracked from any banner and sales are registered for the affiliate. Set custom commission rates and cookie validity time for ultimate control. Verify new sales and match the corresponding affiliates with ease.

Commissions can be sent via your own bank transfer or PayPal mass pay which is faster and easier. To top it all off, every affiliate banner gives you an inbound link to help with search engine rankings.

Google Adwords Integration

  • Don't pay for out of stock products
  • Automatically feed product keywords
What You Get

The Google Adwords integrated app offers you all the standard Adwords tools you're used to, plus more. Use your product list to build keywords, phrases and groups. Then control your campaign with automated pauses from out of stock items and set custom bidding rules. All the necessary tools are there with the addition of a powerful integration to your admin functionality.

Inventory update from XML

  • Instantly import inventory
  • Automate inventory updates
  • Schedule updates
What You Get

Sometimes updating inventory from your manufacturers to your online store can be very time consuming. XML feed updates solves this issue by allowing scheduled imports and updates from any XML feed.

Insert multiple manufacturer feeds to build large inventory lists and update automatically.

Ebay Smart Scheduler - Coming Soon

  • Clear old stock
  • Increase turn-over
  • Set custom rules
What You Get

The Ebay integration app is no ordinary Ebay product lister. Its smart tools mean you can set custom rules for clearing old stock after a slow month or even automatically relist a popular selling item. Customers who purchase via Ebay can pay in your shopping carts checkout.

Create settings and rules directly from your admin, link to your existing Ebay account and let the app take care of the rest.

Gift Certificates

  • Customizable design
  • Earn money before sending the products
What You Get

Gift certificates can be set as a custom value, just like building a product. It can be sold through your checkout at which time a PDF download of the certificate can be printed and gifted to a friend or loved one. The certificate can be designed using our editor or you can use one of our existing templates.

Product Feeds

  • Targeted traffic
  • High conversion rates
What You Get

Build customizable XML, XLS and TXT product feeds to send your entire product list to online shopping comparison engines. Product comparison sites such as Bizrate,, Nextag, Shopzilla and loads more are pre built and ready to use. You also have the ability to create your own custom feeds to suit any external software or site uploads

Additional Email Accounts

  • Complete your business image
  • Spam filtering services
What You Get

An email address using your own domain is a necessary step in completing your professional business image. Each additional email account comes with easy to use and powerful webmail services and can be synced with your mobile and computer mail software such as Outlook.

Additional Newsletter Credits

  • Low cost marketing
  • Highest returns
  • Build brand image
What You Get

Newsletter credits can be purchased in 500 packets at a time from your admin. 1 credit = 1 email.

Sending newsletters is one of the most cost affective and powerful means of marketing your online business. The Ashop Commerce built in newsletter app lets you manage your subscriber base and send 100% custom newsletters to existing lists.

Fraud Order Detection

  • Easy fraud ratings
  • Accurate IP tracking
  • No regrets!
What You Get

Fraud can cost a business an untold fortune and often causes bankruptsy. The integrated MaxMind fraud detection app will analyse over 50 points of data to arrive with an easy to understand fraud score. Check each order as it arrives and get prewarned of potential fraud before sending your goods, possibly saving you thousands in product cost, shipping and chargebacks.

Payment Gateway Package

  • Accept real-time credit card payments
  • 80+ gateways
What You Get

Every new Ashop Commerce signup gets PayPal integration for free, but to enable a plethora of other gateway integrations, bank integrations and custom payment methods, you need the Payment gateway package app. Take a look at all the gateways (over 80) we have ready to use, plus manual options such as bank deposit, money order, check and of course you can create your own methods too.

Digital Goods Delivery

  • Customizable keys
  • Instant delivery
  • Only sent if paid
What You Get

Selling downloadable software, phone cards or ebooks? Digital goods delivery allows a creation of custom passwords or keys to sell just like a product. Set your price, your range of available keys, your category and download page. Once the key is sold, you can direct the buyer to your download page to retrieve their product.

SMS Order Credits

  • Alert to merchant
  • New order alert
  • Shipped order alert
What You Get

By simply switching on the order SMS alert feature in your admin, SMS credits will be charged as part of your monthly bill only as you use them.

Updating your customers of their order status by email will, of course, put a smile on their dial, but updating the status direct to their mobile phone will seriously impress. If a customer enters their mobile number to the checkout, they will get an SMS alert to confirm an order and again when you set its status to 'shipped'. As the merchant you can also opt to receive an order alert.

Live Chat App

  • Connect, convert, upsell!
  • Improve customer service
  • Convert more sales
What You Get

The built in Live Chat Software helps you sell instantly by connecting with your customers. Offer special deals, up-sell, cross-sell. A customizable chat button can be placed to your online store layout where potential customers can connect and chat online with your representative in real time. Includes canned answers and offline message delivery.

B2B Wholesale App

  • Separate payment methods
  • Separate shipping
What You Get

The B2B or wholesale selling app enables your to sell at both a public price and a wholesale price. Additional powerful features are included to accurately manage your wholesale orders such as separate shipping options (if advanced shipping is enabled) and separate payment methods. Click for more info.

There's no commitment at all. Get started using the easy 2 minute wizard and you'll be selling in no time!

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