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It's so easy to use, even for an average non-techy person like me!!

I've used other companies but this is by far the best. It's logical and non-complicated which is perfect for me as I hate wasting time, especially on computers. If you want to just get your website done, no fuss, Ashop is the one to use!!

- Alison R. (The Wholefood Nutritionist)

Ashop was SO much easier to set up

After a very frustrating experience with an open-source shopping cart we made the decision to switch to Ashop. We had our online store up and running the same day and our first sales soon after. If you want to set up your store quickly and painlessly, I'd definitely recommend Ashop.

- Ash B. (Extreme Spearfishing)

Ashop's metrics helped me boost my sales

When I switched to Ashop I was able to really understand what was going on with my online store and what I needed to do to improve it. As a result, our sales have almost doubled in the past six months.

- Rowena A. (PetBucket)

Ashop has helped us grow our business

At the start we used Ashop because it was simple and something we could do ourselves with little financial outlay. Recently, with our business growing, we decided to refresh our website but wanted to stay within Ashop.
We found a graphic designer that could add a more polished look to our graphics and gave our website a facelift all within the Ashop system. This facelift has boosted sales by 300% and still we find the system is still great for us.

- Shona Eastman (Uneik Jewellery)

My customers constantly comment on the usability and look of the site

The product is so user friendly and simple that it now means I can delegate updates to others whilst I'm away or unavailable. My sales went up dramatically and my customers constantly comment on the usability and look of the site. Again, the guys at ashop helped out there and I would highly recommend their design service as it made a massive difference to the look and feel of my site.

- Scott Linklater (Aboriginal Art)


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