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Google Checkout

Google Checkout

Google Checkout is fully integrated with all Ashop shopping carts!

Ashop is the only shopping cart in the world with the checkout call back function working with Google checkout.

How does it work?

With the click of a button, the Google checkout option can be added to your shopping cart as a payment method. This will appear as an option for customers to pay for your products in your online store.

You are easily identified as a secure site.

Google checkout badge, appearing on all shopping carts using Google checkout, make it easy for shoppers to identify a site as a qualified, secure shopping cart.

Single Login

Google make it fast and easy for customers to purchase with only a single login for all shopping carts on the web.

AdWords Checkout badge.

Have the special Google Checkout Badge appear on your Google AdWords listings. This quickly identifies your site to the visitor as a secure shopping cart where they can purchase the products you're advertising.

Gain customers trust and extra sales

Google is now a trusted part of day to day web browsing. Google checkout and Ashop together can now provide your customers with a higher level of trust when purchasing online.

The more a visitor trusts a certain online store, the more chance there is of that visitor becoming a purchaser.

Lower shopping cart abandonment rates

With this being one of the most important factors in converting a sale, Google Checkout and Ashop provide your customers with a simple checkout process aimed at lowering the possibility of customers abandoning their carts.


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