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Barclays EPDQ

Barclays EPDQ

Barclays are a major UK bank, one of the top four high street banks and a major international financial institution.

Barclays have developed their end to end card payment solution (ePDQ CPI) especially for businesses that require the ability to accept payments for services of goods via credit or debit cards from their own web site and process the payments via ePDQ’s secure site.

This is how it works. A customer who buys goods or services from your website and then proceeds to your checkout is then directed to the ePDQ CPI. This is a secure payment environment, where the customer can pay by either debit or credit card. The ePDQ CPI processes the transaction automatically and you can then complete the customer's order.

Your web site’s online store is connected to Barclaycard Business secure payment pages, which automatically and in real time capture your customers' card details. The transaction is then processed and settlement handled by the bank. Your business is provided with online management information as well as regular statements for your online transactions. Orders by telephone and mail-order processing are also included. There is an optional online authentication service which offers you even greater protection against fraud for a small additional cost.

Fees for ePDQ CPI are calculated on a number of factors. These include your business’s turnover, average ticket price and the ratio of credit card transactions to debit card payments you require to process. Full details and quote can be obtained upon contacting Barclays.

Payments Accepted: All major credit and debit cards
Currency: GBP
Merchant Region Serviced: UK
Entities Accepted: Individuals/Businesses.

*This is pre 2012 Barclays EPDQ integration. The customer have open their EPDQ account after June 12 will need a newer version of this gateway which will be integrated in near futre.


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