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PSiGate is a Canadian based provider of secure transaction processing services which are deployed on secure Sun Solaris, Oracle and Sun Enterprise servers in a fully redundant clustered configuration for maximum disaster tolerance and bandwidth capability. PSiGate provides secure, reliable, real-time credit card processing for customers anywhere in the world as well as an easier way to qualify for Canadian and US merchant accounts than it was in the past.

PSiGate provides low-cost Canadian and US dollar Internet merchant accounts to their Canadian merchants and extent that facility through their partnerships with several US banks to US merchants as well. The application approval process at PSiGate may take up to 7 to10 business days to complete.

As well as a one-stop payment gatway, PSiGate aldo provides an API with sample code for simple integration in several different languages and is operating system independent. 

Fraud protection at PSiGate provides automatic checks that include address valid card number check (MOD10), card value validation (CVV2), address verification services (AVS), duplicate check, frequency of card usage and velocity checks, blacklists and GeoIP validation. These checks are essential in order to reduce the potential for fraudulent activities and to reduce the merchant’s exposure to them.

Minimum/maximum limits: There are no minimum transaction requirements. Maximum amount requirements are established with each individual merchant.

Fees for Canadian Dollar Transactions below $20 are set between $0.10 and $0.20 per transaction. Other fees and pricings may be obtained by contacting customer support. 

Payments Accepted: Online checks and major credit cards
Currency: US or Canadian Dollars
Merchant Region Serviced: USA & Canada
Entities Accepted: Individuals/Businesses.


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