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Skipjack Financial Services

Skipjack Financial Services

Skipjack Financial Services is a payment company that was formed in 1997. Their mission is to provide an affordable and secure payment gateway that meets the needs of both financial community and merchants.
Skipjack Financial Services offers products and services designed to support the processing needs of both merchants and financial institutions and can be tailored to meet their unique requirements. These services include reconciliation, accounting, marketing and sales analysis. They can also recommend an appropriate merchant banking facility for your business via their

Once you set up an account with Skipjack, their ezPay wizard takes you through the simple process of creating a code snippet to generate the necessary payment buttons for your website.

Fraud protection is covered by services such as address verification service (AVS) which validates addresses with information provided by credit/debit card issuers as well as matching zip codes to valid addresses. Velocity™ is tool for effectively preventing fraudulent multiple transaction attempts. By adding the card verification value (CVV) as a required field ensures a customer is in physical possession of the credit card used to make a purchase. Supplemental Transaction Authentication allows merchants to add a 12 digit alphanumeric data field (developer serial number) to Skipjack with each transaction to further secure the transaction against fraud.

Skipjack provides full toll-free telephone and live chat online support Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 8:00pm (ET).

Fees are not published on their website. Please contact them directly to find out more.

Payments Accepted: All major credit cards
Currency: US or Canadian Dollars
Merchant Region Serviced: USA & Canada
Entities Accepted: Individuals/Businesses.


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