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Paymentech T/Orbital

Paymentech T/Orbital

Since 1985, Chase Paymentech has led the way in payment processing by processing payments for both brick-and-mortar and cyber storefront merchants throughout both the U.S. and Canada. They dealt with more than $719 billion worth of transactions in 2007. More than half of all Internet retailers and service providers rely on Chase Paymentech to handle all their payments.

Chase Paymentech created their Orbital suite of eCommerce tools and services to enable the online merchants to make full use of their experience and technology in the payments sector. Chase Paymentech and their partners have streamlined the process of setting up a fully functioning web storefront, from quick and simple merchant account application, to their turnkey Orbital Virtual Terminal merchant solution to the Orbital Payment Gateway processing system. By putting this system to use, you can be an online merchant in as little as 48 hours from start to finish, ready to serve customers around the globe 24/7.

Fraud management solutions include  Address Verification Service (AVS), Card Security Verification offered by the major card associations, known as CVC2 (MasterCard), CVV2 (Visa), CID (American Express) and CID (Discover Card). Credit Card Authentication is used to verify a cardholder's account ownership details during an online purchase.

For a comprehensive listing of set up costs and recurring fees for the Orbital Payment Gateway, you need to contact their sales team for an individual quotation based on your business model and transaction volumes.

Payments Accepted: e-checks and major credit cards
Currency: US or Canadian Dollars
Merchant Region Serviced: USA & Canada
Entities Accepted: Individuals/Businesses.


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