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Trying to cut through all the fluff? No problem, here's why you should choose Ashop.

Whether you're getting back in the game or setting up another online store, Ashop have the features, flexibility and service to handle whatever you need. We'll treat you as an individual and make sure you can achieve the professionalism and sales that you strive for.
Quick Set Up

Short on time? Ashop leap frogs you through the timely set up period to get you online in as little as a few hours.


High Reliability

High reliability with 24hr monitoring, support and real-time backups so you're not left waiting on downtimes.


Search Engine Friendly

Ashop provides a constantly evolving seo structure to help you rank well on major search engines like Google.


Marketing Made Easy

Tools like built in newsletter marketing and shopping comparison site feeds mean more sales and less effort.



Anyone can build you a website. Ashop go the extra mile with a Facebook social store and mobile storefront.


Flexible & Feature Rich

No two businesses are the same, so use a service that's flexible enough to cater to your individual needs.



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