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Integrating stores with your website

Integrating Stores With Your Website

There are three (3) options available for building or integrating your shopping cart platform to a website.

1) Complete online store

Ashop Commerce is a complete solution enabling the creation of an all in one online store with secure checkout so you can have an entire website with the look you need whilst being able to sell your products. This is the best and most commonly chosen path.

2) Keep existing website and link to shopping cart

You can run your existing website along with our shopping cart software. This is also a commonly used option as it allows you to keep your current website and seamlessly link to your shopping cart through a "store" site link.
For example, create a subdomain such as ""

3) Buy buttons

Keep your existing site and replace your “buy buttons” with Ashop Commerce’s store links so that when a customer orders they are directed to the shopping cart which can be set up with the same design to mimic your main site.


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