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Health check for your shopping cart

Every shopping cart needs to be clear, usable, offer the customer what they are looking for and function without errors, but that goes without saying.... doesn't it? Unfortunately most new shopping carts only cover a portion of these elements.

To ensure your cart is running at it's best with;

  • Readable and effective content/images
  • No blockers preventing sale conversions
  • No broken links
  • Correct URL hyperlinks on text and images
  • Correct shipping options
  • All necessary content pages

....and hundreds of other possible conflicts, mistakes or content problems, Ashop Commerce offer a complete and detailed check-over to prevent future loss of income and frustrations.

There are numerous reasons to why shopping carts must be repeatedly checked for errors;

  • Broken links reflect poorly in search engines and customer satisfaction.
  • Wrong URL's in links divert customers to the wrong domain address and keep them there.
  • Incorrect shipping set up can cost you hundreds of dollars, or prevent customer purchases.
  • Not enough content pages can lower trust levels with potential customers.

These are obviously only a few checks undertaken but they are clearly very important.


1. Visit your "My Account" page from your admin panel and local the Add-ons section. From there you can add to your account.

2. Your credit card will be debited for the full fee up front.

3. Work on your shopping cart will commence within 48 hours of your email.

4. You will receive a full report of your health check by email.


  • UK£150

Be sure that when you go LIVE, your customers are happy to browse through your new shopping cart without frustration.


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