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For anyone wondering about Ashop's SEO and if it works.

We used their system, paid the £s and also wondered as many would, if it is well spent.
To keep this short will say, have never looked back.
In about 3-4 weeks we listed usually in the top two positions with MSN with most relevant searches.
Google took longer (about 7 weeks) and is now page 1 through search words used. "Digital picture frames", "digital photo frames"

We first persisted for about 2-3 months on our own trying to get good listings and it was hard to find the time to actually do what is required to get there. Ashop Commerce shopping carts know what is what and as Search engines change their structures from time to time it is very helpful having people who work it out or have the knowledge quickly to make changes to their software.

Have always found Ashop Commerce very helpful and must add that the main contact has been Brian and he definitely gets a "Gold star" for customer service.
Ask and you will usually receive good solid answers.

Have also learnt heaps seeing what they did and how etc, has certainly assisted when we make changes to the site and can adjust easily for SEO.

Hope this may assist anyone thinking about SEO with Ashop Commerce, we are very happy with the results and the next few months we suspect it will only get better.
Often check for the robot txt. within our admin page hits to see if it is being seen and have seen it rise from one hit a day to 15 or 16 hits/day now. Believe this is probably search engine crawlers doing their job, this all happened once we listed high with msn and Yahoo.

We have reduced our pay per click cost heaps since this was done. Instead of a few hundred $s a month, we now spend about $25 - 35 on AdWords/overture etc. SEO paid for it self in the first couple of months for us and we have increased traffic by about 150%/day, averaged pre SEO 45-50 visitor/day, now we average 160 - 220/day.

Hope that helps a few, and if you get similar results you will be happy I'm sure. I guess results can be different depending on what you deal with!!



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