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What is Ashop?

No longer a novelty or a "special project", selling online is a business necessity that must satisfy consumers love affair with the Web.

What is Ashop Commerce Shopping Cart Software?

Ashop Commerce is a new generation of hosted shopping cart software, providing a complete ecommerce solution for small to medium businesses. 

You'll receive a professional content management system to build your online store using only an internet connection anywhere in the world, securely, easily and affordably.

Anything and everything is included so you can successfully sell online.

The Ashop Commerce team believes in the future of ecommerce and is dedicated to position itself as a leader in the global arena; join our community and we’ll make sure you enjoy the same benefits and growth.

How easy is it to use?

Ashop Commerce online stores can easily be managed and designed by any Internet savvy business person, the only experience needed is to have browsed the web.

Full support via phone, online chat, email, community forum, tutorial movies, user manual and knowledgebase is available so you’ll never find yourself in a pickle.

“The whole experience with Ashop has been A+, from the ease of setting up the shop to the user-friendly lay out and easy and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.” Kate Crosby,

Is it Flexible?

Yes, functionality and design flexibility are under your control...

Select a ready template, create your own with our easy theme designer or use a graphic designer to create any design you can imagine. Full access is given to store structure and layout, including CSS access for designers.

Add your own custom pages, widgets, images, menus, links and documents anywhere you like in any style you like, quickly and easily.

“The flexibility incorporated into the platform provided by Ashop Commerce makes it possible to build a remarkably individual site.” Suzie Ibbetson,

What do I get?

Does your provider give you all this, plus hundreds more innovative features?

  • Browser Based admin console
  • Free tech support
  • Ultra fast hosting
  • 24 hour, 365 day security maintenance
  • SSL Security certificate for admin and storefront/checkout
  • 99.8% Guaranteed uptime
  • Free upgrades for life
  • Real-time backups
  • Ready made professional design themes
  • Emails under your own domain name
  • Store under your own domain name
  • 100% Web optimised store structure by some of the world’s best in SEO
  • Easy sale conversion checkout
  • PCI Compliant
  • Over 80 integrated payment methods 

Click here to see our full feature list.

Who can use it?

Business Person and Entrepreneur Web Designer and Developers
Are you a Business Owner or Entrepreneur?
Merchants, just like you, are responsible for creating and improving Ashop Commerce shopping carts
over many years, making them feature rich and easy to use.

This customer feedback helped to build one of the world’s leading ecommerce software’s that suits almost any online business. Read More
Are you a Web Designer or Developer?
Flexibility and access to design code makes
Ashop Commerce the perfect shopping cart for your clients. No more restrictions, no more cross-browser issues, it just works! Read More

Chat with an Ashop Commerce representative today for reseller opportunities.

How we can help you? 

The Ashop Commerce shopping cart software was designed to convert visitors into buyers. You can now create a professional online store to suit your business and your skills.

We can help you build an online store capable of taking on your industry leaders for only a small portion of the cost.

Use our experience to develop your experience and become your markets leader.

“What I found was a product and service FAR EXCEEDING anything I had come across in all my time on the net.” Aboriginal art shop

What do I do now?

Take advantage of our 10 Day free trial, you can build your own online store, see if it suits your needs and then make a final decision... No risk at all!!

Don’t forget to ask us anything you like during the trial, if we can help you, we will.

“They have gone out of their way to assist us, even in areas not directly related to the Ashop system. This level of support is quite impressive and really makes Ashop stand out from the crowd.” Wayne Shelley,

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